Zwirl Football

The Ball From the Future

For those who remember when Pearl Jam and Nirvana blew us all away for the first time, when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Seinfeld and Full House were top rated TV shows, and "Terminator 2" and "Silence of the Lambs" were box office hits, then you might also remember
"The Ball From The Future"!

Industrial Design Excellence Award & Museum of Modern Art

For those who do not (or were not born yet), it was like nothing anyone had seen before. The Zwirl Ball is the creation of two Northern California artists, Ben and Gary Winter, who went on to sell over a million of the Award Winning "Perfect Spiral" balls. Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and Disney Magazine all took notice and wrote about The Zwirl football. It was recognized with an Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. And the Museum of Modern Art, New York, had made it part of their permanent collection. Then just as its popularity was rising, a sinister force from another galaxy took the activity-inspiring "Ball From The Future" away, leaving only a few behind. Gone were the "Perfect Spiral" throws and the "Perfect Grip" catches in back yards, beaches, and parks all over America. Until now...

Industrial Design Excellence Award & Museum of Modern Art

The Original Zwirl is back! And just in time! Americans are starting to look up from their smart phones and tablets and notice the beautiful green grass, the fresh air and bright blue skies above, all beckoning to be enjoyed. And there's the Original Zwirl football, being thrown, caught, games and tricks being created, blood pumping, activity happening, fun and fitness being had by all.

The Original Zwirl is tough, durable, and made for play in all weather. And it's back!

We are proud and honored to be working with the original creators, The Winter Brothers, to bring the classic Original Zwirl back to Americans everywhere.

Like a meteor out of the sky, the Original Zwirl has hit the earth's atmosphere... again! And it is hot! The "Ball From The Future" is back and the future is now!

See Ya Outside!